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By-Hand Culinary: specializing in cooking classes for the home cook, farm to table excursions and thoughtful food styling. 

Lowcountry Brunch (2/08)

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Lowcountry Brunch (2/08)


Southern-style cuisine is rich with flavor and homespun traditions. In this class, we focus on the Lowcountry region, stretching from Charleston to Savannah, where food is influenced by fresh seafood, flavors of West Africa and abundant local farms. These dishes are simple to learn and easy to enjoy. Plus they are easy enough to make them on your own after class. 

Shrimp and grits with chow chow, eggs and sweet potato biscuits. Brunch includes coffee and spiked sweet tea! 

Location:Historic Bungalow in Rockaway Beach at the end of the A train.

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