By-Hand Culinary

Expanding the idea of the home-cooked meal.

By-Hand Culinary: specializing in cooking classes for the home cook, farm to table excursions and thoughtful food styling. 

Michelle is a cooking instructor and chef with a love for sharing home-cooked meals with friends. Her passion for food was formed in her Aunt Caroline’s rural kitchen in Illinois, where sweet corn went straight from the field into the pot and neighbors were quick to swing by for breakfast, armed with homemade venison sausage. From early on, Michelle learned the rewards of cooking from the earth, recognizing the flavor benefits of seasonal foods grown close to home. 

Helping novices and professionals alike find confidence in the kitchen has become a mission for Michelle, who operates By-Hand Culinary, a provider of cooking classes and culinary events in and around NYC. Her food career took shape while showcasing top chefs for the “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Formally trained at Kendall College’s culinary program in Chicago, Michelle has worked in The Food Network kitchens and honed the art of training home cooks at recreational cooking schools in New York and Chicago. Michelle is currently a resident food stylist for the Food Network and hops around the country cooking up food and making it look nice for camera. 

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