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By-Hand Culinary: specializing in cooking classes for the home cook, farm to table excursions and thoughtful food styling. 

Flavors of Thailand ( 3/22)

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Flavors of Thailand ( 3/22)


Most New Yorkers know their favorite Thai go-to dishes by heart but don’t have a clue about how get them started in the kitchen. Familiarize yourself with a whole other corner of the spice rack and learn the secrets behind those yummy dishes. This hands-on culinary adventure begins with ingredients—what to look for, where to go—then walks through of how to prepare these sweet-and-spicy favorites. 


Fresh Spring rolls, Thai chicken wings, and  drunken noodles with shrimp or chicken. 

Location:Historic Bungalow in Rockaway Beach at the end of the A train. 

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