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Expanding the idea of the home-cooked meal.

By-Hand Culinary: specializing in cooking classes for the home cook, farm to table excursions and thoughtful food styling. 

Dumplings and Potstickers


Dumplings and Potstickers


Be they steamed or crispy, dumplings are a feasting favorite. Chef Michelle will help you to whip up tasty fillings: pork and chive, mushroom and veggie, sweet mango. She’ll then guide the class through stuffing and pinching these tiny palm-sized treats. You’ll also learn how to crack the code behind that sweetly sour dipping sauce. 

Flavors: pork and chive; mushroom and veggie; crispy fried sweet mango. 

Location:Historic Bungalow in Rockaway Beach at the end of the A train. 

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